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Why Should I Get A DNA Test? Reason 1: A DNA Test Can Help You “Hack” Your Genes

These days, DNA tests are all the rage, and you may be curious about taking one yourself. But how can taking a DNA test genuinely benefit you? In addition to decoding your family tree and understanding your genetic disease risks, DNA tests can also help us truly understand how our genes affect our health and fitness. 

Can a DNA test really help you “hack” your health? Find out in the first of our five-part mini-series about the benefits of DNA tests. 


Most people are aware that DNA tests can help us map out our family tree or find where our ancestors lived, but did you know a DNA test can also help you “hack” your genes? A DNA test can give you a roadmap to follow and remove all of the stress typically associated with healthy living. 

A DNA report can gather all of your biological information into one easy to read health “dashboard.” It can give you tips on what to eat, what not to eat, when you should go to bed and even how to exercise best. You won’t have to question whether or not you are eating healthy because you can plan exactly what foods interact best with your unique genetic makeup. 


A woman lifts a heavy barbell above her head.
Which exercise is best for your unique genes? A DNA test can help you find out.

Finding an effective diet plan or exercise regimen is a struggle. A DNA fitness test can tell you everything from what diet will work best for you to exercise most effectively. Should you be on a low-carb diet or a low-fat diet? Your genes can tell you the answer.

Have you ever tried a diet that simply didn’t work for you? The most likely reason it wasn’t effective is that each of us has a genetically unique body type, so a diet that works for some might not be right for you. A DNA test can show you the best kind of diet for optimal weight management, so you will be ready for swimsuit season in no time. 

Additionally, a DNA test can tell you more about how to get the best possible workout when you hit the gym. 


Man checks his health stats on his smartwatch.


Having a personal trainer is great, but what if you had a trainer that knew you down to your very DNA and could optimize each workout to your specific needs? A DNA test can help to bring you closer to your fitness goals. It can help measure metrics such as your body’s ability to recover after exercise and how to decrease injury risk. 


A genetic test can determine the maximum rate at which your body can use oxygen during physical activity. The test will look at genes such as the VEGF, PPARGC1A, CRP, and ADRB2, which control several health factors to determine your body’s aerobic ability. 


Have you ever noticed that some people can seemingly work out nonstop, while others of us get winded just getting off the couch? Research shows that there are specific genetic variations that create a delayed recovery response from strenuous exercise. A DNA test can give you recommendations about your food intake that could help your body to recover better and faster when you hit the gym. 


Are you prone to injury? Are you worried about the likelihood of you being injured while training? If this sounds like you, you might be interested in discovering the genetic risk of injury you may have. Training regularly and staying fit is essential for a healthy life. A DNA report can highlight your pre and post-workout nutritional needs. 

Personalized Diet

A hand squeezes a lemon into a mixture of leafy greens.
No more fad diets. Follow a diet made for your body type.

One recent development in personalized healthcare is known as nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics is the study of how a body responds to the nutrients found in what we eat and drink. This promising new research field could help reduce obesity and customize diet plans based on one’s own genetic makeup. 

If you would like to read more about nutrigenomics and how vitamins work with your genes, see this post here.

In fact, this new-gen science has become so popular that it generated $170 million in revenue in 2018 alone. Nutrigenomics has become widely available and easily accessible due to the rising popularity of in-home testing kits and more accurate testing procedures. These days, consumers can receive a personalized diet plan generated using a combination of their own DNA and the latest in AI technology. 

Work with your body, not against it.

A fit woman balances on a rock with beauty gorges behind her.
There is no single obesity gene. Find out how to make your DNA work for you.

These custom plans deliver highly personal health insights that allow you to diet precisely how your body was meant to diet. The theory behind the science is that there is no single “obesity” gene that we can point to. Instead, hundreds of different genes, hormones, DNA markers, and even gut microbes could indicate certain health traits such as metabolism rates.

Creating a personalized diet and exercise plan based on DNA can help the over 93 million Americans suffering from obesity to slim down or get to their target weight. 

So how can a DNA test help you to “hack” your genes? It can tell you everything you need to know to personalize your fitness, decrease your risk of injury and maximize your potential to lose weight. 

If you are ready to “hack” your genes and take your health and fitness to new heights, you can read more about all of the benefits of taking a DNA test here.

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