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Genealogy Care: DNA Testing for a Healthier Life

One of the most significant issues with modern healthcare in the United States is medical testing costs and accessibility. Many people, especially those who run the risk of inheriting certain genetic diseases, have turned to contemporary DNA testing companies for answers. They are looking to determine if they are at high-risk for inheriting these preventable diseases.

While these companies are great for providing information about your ancestry and alert you to problematic gene markers, they do not offer any actionable feedback to make necessary lifestyle changes. Besides, many users worry about their data’s privacy and the accuracy of their results.

Genealogy Care aims to solve all these problems and provide users with an immersive and customizable platform to analyze their DNA and provide them with results and a customized plan they can actually use.

Improved Accuracy

Most DNA analysis companies currently use their own DNA database known as “ancestry informative markers” (AIMs). These AIMs contain DNA samples from the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Each of these databases scans their samples for a predetermined number of alleles, a single member of a pair of genes located at a specific point on a single chromosome.

When analyzing DNA, there is a considerable portion of data that these companies don’t use. Your genome contains millions of SNPs, and it would be impractical to test them all. Instead, they look for selected genetic variations and compare them to anywhere between 100 to 300 AIMs.

The Genealogy Care Advantage

In these specific spots, there exist genetic variations that are useful to identify and test each individual. These variations are also known as SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) and are used for this purpose since they appear in different frequencies depending on geographical populations.

The core solution for producing more accurate results relies upon a technology that can accurately extract “high-resolution” HLA results from less defined SNP data.

A helicase machine containing vials of DNA is stopped for inspection.
HLA technology allows for higher resolution results.

With the technology developed at Genealogy Inc., we can extract the more “high-resolution” HLA genotype using only the SNP data. By utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, our algorithm can intuitively predict the missing HLA data. This process provides more accurate data for analysis and can provide clear insight into overall health.

Useful Feedback

Genetic mutations can take place in our DNA for several reasons. Sometimes they are inherited, while other times, they can take place due to environmental conditions. Chemical exposure, tobacco, or even air pollutants can change your genetic code and put you at risk for specific disorders.

DNA testing kit with cotton swab and saliva vial
Collecting a DNA sample is easy and painless.

Many popular genetic companies offer a wide range of feedback ranging from muscle composition to predisposition to diabetes. The problem many users have is they don’t know what to do with the feedback they receive. If you receive a result that detects a genetic variant linked to Parkinson’s Disease, you need to know what actions you can take to better your odds. 

There are many lifestyle changes, habits, and dieting suggestions that could reduce the risk of some preventable diseases.

Feedback For Your Life

Genealogy Care strives to provide users with that beneficial information. The best part is, users can upload the DNA file they already received from another company. In addition to an in-depth health screening, Care users will receive detailed explanations and customized health advice that they could easily apply to their everyday lives. 

In the event that the screening returns unusual results or results that require immediate attention, the Genealogy Care app will even put you in touch with a healthcare specialist in your area. The app will also provide useful information and results to bring with you so your healthcare provider can run the appropriate tests. 

Unrivaled Privacy

In the digital age, it seems there are new company hacks and massive data breaches weekly. Sharing personal information on a digital platform can be risky, and DNA results are no different. Protecting your digital right to privacy can be difficult, and some potential users are turned off by the fact that their personal genetic information can be uploaded digitally. 

Many DNA companies approach encrypting their DNA data through randomization techniques, which can be difficult to piece back together but not impossible. 

Revolutionary DNA Encryption

Genealogy care utilizes a proprietary new technology called Genomic GPS (Genomic Global Positioning System) to separate users’ identities from their personal information. 

A closeup of DNA nucleotides under a microscope (in color)
Genomic GPS is a technology developed by Genealogy Inc. that could make DNA data more secure.

Genomic GPS uses a method called “multilateration,” which is already utilized in modern GPS systems. This technique allows the source data to be converted into a data point that is only useful when compared as a “distance” to the reference point. In other words, this converted data makes it impossible to reconstruct individual DNA datasets and is only useful when compared within the calculations.

Genomic GPS technology used by Genealogy Care makes it possible to share genomic data without worrying about privacy breaches or ethical concerns. By producing sound and secure data, this technology could lead to a better understanding of how genes and regional origins contribute to an individual’s overall health and even benefit entire populations’ well-being. 

Prevent Cancer and Diseases

Genetic testing is useful for providing a detailed analysis of a person’s DNA. The biggest draw of genetic testing is its ability to identify gene mutations. Gene mutations are changes in your genetic makeup and could cause certain diseases. Detecting these gene mutations early can give you an upper hand in making preventative lifestyle changes and finding the proper medical care for treatment.  

A loved one holds the hand of a patient who just beat cancer
Prevention is less expensive and more effective than treatment.

For example, genetic testing could identify an inherited cause of cancer’s development if you have cancer. This testing could affect the way that your cancer is treated. It can also help identify whether you are at risk of developing certain types of cancers. In fact, there are genetic tests that can detect over 50 different types of hereditary cancers. 

Current estimates place specific inherited mutations as the cause for anywhere from 5% to 10% of all cancers. It is also estimated that around 30% of all cancers are caused by some combination of environmental factors and genetics. 

According to the CDC: “An estimated 20% of all cancers diagnosed in the US are caused by a combination of excess body weight, physical inactivity, excess alcohol consumption, and poor nutrition, and thus could also be prevented.” 

Benefits of Prevention

Understanding a patient’s genetics and their risk for hereditary cancer could:

  • Effect immediate treatment decisions
  • Increase risk-reduction options
  • Help to determine if other family members are at an increased risk for cancer

Understanding your personal genetic risk factors for cancer and other hereditary diseases can provide you with the critical information you need to start your prevention plan or to take action and make necessary lifestyle changes. The more you know about your genetics, the more power you have to make cancer and disease preventable. 

Genealogy Care not only provides you with a genetic risk factor analysis, but our specialists will also help you understand what your results mean for you. The science behind genetic testing is complicated, but you will be able to read your results and suggestions in understandable terms. The Care app will give you information that you could easily apply to your everyday life. 

Early Diagnosis and Screening

Early diagnosis of cancer or other genetic disease focuses on detecting patients as early as possible to give them the best possible treatment and prevention chance. When cancer goes undiagnosed or treatments are delayed, it lowers the chance of survival considerably. Additionally, the longer it goes untreated, the higher the cost of care will become. Diagnosing cancers and genetic diseases early is not only beneficial to the patient’s survival; it is also a critical health strategy in any setting. 

When it comes to catching cancers and diseases early, screening is a strategy that goes hand in hand. Screening is a way that high-risk individuals can check their progress over time and adjust their lifestyle based on their results. 

Advanced Screening for Your Health

Screening can be an effective way to monitor conditions to ensure that they are either being treated or not becoming more serious. Screening can monitor a number of conditions, from vitamin absorption to type 2 diabetes, and can be an excellent tool for anyone with genetic risk factors. 

A closeup of a doctor's phone as she sends a patient a personal message about their test results.
Monitor your health and get access to lifestyle tips anywhere, any time.

Genealogy Care provides both initial genetic analysis using high-resolution HLA technology as well as consistent feedback through screening measures and personalized health plans. Suppose your report shows that you are at risk for any number of conditions. In that case, you will receive customized guidance in making beneficial lifestyle changes, screening suggestions, and even diet tips based on your unique DNA results. 

Through our subscription service, you will receive testing supplies and continuous support tailored especially for your needs. You can track your results in the Care app and stay on top of any conditions you may have. Staying healthy can be challenging, but monitoring your health shouldn’t be. 

From DNA to Custom Health Report

From one person to the next, human DNA is around 99.5% identical. So how is genetic testing performed? There exist tiny differences in each person’s DNA that make them unique. These small differences are known as “variants.” 

Your saliva is an excellent source of DNA since it contains many cells from the inside of your mouth. Genealogy Care will send you a patented sample collection kit with easy to follow instructions. You can use this kit to collect your DNA sample and send it back in our returnable mailer. 

Although your DNA is unique to you, it has been passed down from your parents, who got it from their parents, and so on. Variants can be used to identify common ancestry groups, health conditions, and genetic risk factors. 

An X-ray of an arm is giving an "OK" hand signal in the doctor's X-ray film
Whether you are tracking disease markers or vitamin intake, custom health reports give users peace of mind.

If you already have your DNA data from another company, you can easily upload your DNA file on the Genealogy Care website. 

The Latest in DNA Technology

Our certified lab will then use our AI algorithms to extract a high-resolution HLA snapshot from your DNA sample. It will be processed using a genotyping process to identify and compare thousands of useful variants in your genome. 

We then analyze your genetic data and generate a customized report that will identify hundreds of conditions and risk factors based on up to date medical research. Your health report will also give you personalized health tips and notify you about beneficial lifestyle changes. You can then continue to monitor your health through the Care app and have necessary testing supplies shipped directly to your door. 

Your report will help you understand what makes your body function well and what to avoid based on your unique genetic makeup. Preventing cancer and genetic disease has never been more convenient.

DNA for Your Health

Genealogy Care can help you reach your goals and live a healthier lifestyle, whether you are looking to improve your health or prevent cancer and genetic diseases. With customized guidance and knowledgeable support, you can unravel the mystery of your genetics and make your DNA work for you. 

Using the latest and most accurate genetic technology and encryption, you can trust that your DNA data is not only the most accurate but also the most secure. Genealogy Care strives to make affordable health screening and disease prevention an attainable option for users of any background. No matter what your goal, the experts at Genealogy Care are there to make it a reality

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